Q-Collection Comic Book Preservation Project

How You Can Help (& become immortal)

Please be aware that we will never accept any financial assistance for the project from anyone. We do need to have the sixty (60) museum-quality tri-wood binders built for us, but we will not accept direct contributions for their construction.

We are seeking a company, foundation or individual to work with the fine wood craftsman or company of their choice to have these binders built on our behalf. This will NOT BE A CONTRIBUTION, but a PARTNERSHIP.

As a partner we will co-donate the preserved and bound comics to the US LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. In so doing both partners in this donation will be ELIGIBLE FOR A TAX DEDUCTION.

The aforementioned company, foundation or individual who does have those binders built for us will receive IMMORTALITY for themselves and their family. Each binder contains a two-sided laminated DEDICATION PAGE. Whoever has those binders built will receive Dedication Pages in TEN of those sixty binders. That person is expected to have both their biographies and family photos included in those Dedication Pages. So people in ten thousand years will know who you were, what you did in your life and what you looked like as both a child and adult. That, dear friends, is as close to immortality as one can expect on this rock we call Earth.

Again, no payment of any kind will be accepted by those involved with this project. The project is a labor of love and not profit nor compensation.

WANT LIST & OTHER COMICS: Eventually we will be seeking comic books on the Want List and will give serious consideration to any rarities not listed. We will not accept comic book donations until the project is completed and the binders have been produced.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: We can use additional publicity throughout the world. In February 2016 we were the cover article in the month MENSA magazine. In July 2016 our project founder was one of the featured speakers at the San Diego Mensa Convention. The Q Project has already had an article published on it in the prestigious Boston Globe Newspaper in July 2013. The founder was interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio rebroadcast to 33 radio stations throughout the Midwest. You can hear that interview by going to this Facebook site and clicking on the radio microphone icon. https://www.facebook.com/qcollectionproject We have also been published in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMIC ART and have had articles done on us in France, India, Singapore, England, Australia and the USA. New articles are most welcome. Please contact us if we can be of any help in your producing that article. q.collection.comics@gmail.com

It would also be nice if you would FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/qcollectionproject Your comments of support are most welcome and appreciated.