Q-Collection Comic Book Preservation Project

History of the Q-Collection Preservation Project

Shield of the City of Quincy, Massachusetts
The Shield of the City of Quincy, Massachusetts was provided to the Q-Collection by the Office of The Mayor of Quincy, Massachusetts.

In the Spring of 2001 John, the project founder, purchased a rare 1939 New York World's Fair Comic in poor condition. This was the first comic in this condition the founder had owned. He sent this treasure to Matt Nelson, a professional restoration specialist. Matt found that the comic was brittle and no restoration was possible. He advised John that all he could do was be "to stick the comic in a drawer and forget about it".

John was appalled. This rarity could not even be read since it was brittle. Due to the poor quality acid-based paper that these comics were printed on, this seemed to be the ultimate destiny of all comic books. In the future no one would be able to read an original comic book.

It was then that Matt Nelson and John began exchanging e-mails about what could be done with rare comics in poor condition. The Q-Collection Comic Book Preservation Project is a direct result of that debate.

This preservation project was developed, and the comic books assembled, while John was living in Quincy, Massachusetts. As a result this collection is now known as the Q-COLLECTION.